Apple’s event yesterday went off as predicted for most part. A new iPad with Retina display, Apple TV with 1080p support. Neither of these excited me much. It was the announcement of iPhoto for iOS and its features that has most excited me and left we wishing for the all-new iPad.

The demo of this new addition to the iLife-on-iOS suite software during the keynote was drool-worthy. The features and their implementation, totally gesture driven, was Apple innovation at its very best. Pinch and rotate to crop or straighten, pinch around to adjust exposure parameters, rub to enhance skin tones.. all totally brilliant. And then, it packs in the one feature that I have been most hankering for in any software- photo journals. I have been hunting around for web sites that enable you to tell a photo-based story of an event, some words, some photos – just as you do on a photo book. All presented together in a nice web page. But I have been disappointed in my research. This feature alone is sufficient for me to go buy iPhoto. But then, it also means I need to have an iCloud account which is more pricey and I am not sure if I want that. 

I hope though that this feature opens people’s eyes to the niche but rich experience that photo journals can provide. I would not mind at all paying for such software and hosting. Kudos to Apple for this, all I need is the new iPad.